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About Afghan Duty Free

Afghan Duty Free
was appointed by the Afghan government to manage the duty free shops across Afghanistan in early 2005.  Being a landlocked country bordering Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran there are 8 transit points across the country by road.  There is one International airport in Kabul becoming the only transit point by air.  Afghan Duty Free has shops located in all the 9 locations.

Afghanistan's Economy

Afghanistan's economic outlook has improved significantly since 2001 because of the infusion of over $2 billion in international assistance, recovery of the agricultural sector, and the reestablishment of market institutions. Agriculture boomed in 2003 with the end of a four-year drought.  The new Afghan government remains committed to improving access to the basic necessities by prioritizing infrastructure development, education, housing development, jobs programs, and economic reform over the next years. Growing political stability and continued international commitment to Afghan reconstruction create an optimistic outlook for maintaining improvements in the Afghan economy in 2005.